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The Living Sacrifice

The essence of a Christian Life is not to live for ourselves, as so many of us like to do. It’s not because we desire to be selfish and live only in this world; as Christians, we want to live for God. We want to glorify Him in all that we do. It’s simply because it’s easy to slip in and out of our Christian Lives. We are faced with temptation from all sides every single day, but we need to unite ourselves with Christ. We need to be a Living Sacrifice. This may sound odd, yet it makes perfect sense. As we go through our lives, we need to die to ourselves, our desires, and our goals, but live in God’s own desires and goals for our lives. Being a Living Sacrifice means to shed all of our worldly drives, letting them die off and being alive only for Christ. As we are meant to live.

"I enjoy being able to worship God freely in my language."



"In those moments when I come humbly before His presence, He so lovingly descends His Spirit to speak to my heart."


"The worship of God and the preaching of His word at our services has helped me to understand Him better."

Here at our Ministry, we share a powerful passion for teaching the Word of God. And this passion was founded upon a dream over forty years old that is still giving the heart of our congregation the strength it needs today. Our purpose is to teach the Word of God to our members and create knowledgeable disciples to share God’s love with our community so that we may build a brighter Christian future for the world. It is a powerful message taught by the strong leaders within our congregation, and we invite you to see for yourself the difference our Ministry can make in your life.

At the Master’s Feet Ministry is a home as much as it is a church, we invite you to see for yourself; please, make an appointment to attend one of our worship times and learn more about our Ministry.